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​The 2020 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team will host its annual Paradise Showdown on March 13, 2020. Several Small Fry Basketball Teams will compete in the tournament. Stay tuned for more information.

22020 V.I. Jaguars Paradise Showdown
March 13, 2020, through March 15, 20200

Israel Poleon, Jaden Dowe, Kareem Pinney, Akydo Nielle, Angel Perez, Kevin De Leon, Isai Obando, Soirie Merrifield, Keaton Hill, Shakii Richards, Cloudelson Auguste, Jikyah Callwood, Eury Nunez, and Aton Austin.

The 2020 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2015 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

The VI Jaguars won the 2015 Positive Guidance Tournament. The Jaguars won all five of its games. In game one, Jourdyn Rawlins scored 14 points, with 5 assists. His teammate, Jahsief Benjamin, scored 10 points. In the second game, Zayd Brannigan had 13 points and Benjamin scored 8 points. By the third game, Rawlins scored 23 points, Benjamin 9 points, and Jaalen Roberts 10 points. In game four, De'Shamoi Greaves had 16 points, with 6 steals. His teammate, Roberto Tapia scored 9 points. In the final game, Jahsheem Dawson had 18 points, JahFari Samuel had 12 points, and Khamani Olivacce had seven points. 

2015 Small Fry International Basketball Tournament Results

2020 Puerto Rico Small Fry Invitational Tournament

1/19/2020 - Caribbean Rose would like to congratulate the 2020 VI Jaguars Basketball Team for winning the Small Fry Invitational Basketball Tournament. The team won the tournament 3-1. The VI Jaguars Basketball Team will compete in several tournaments this season. 

1/1/2020 - The 2020 V.I. Jaguars Basketball Team will travel to Naranjito, Puerto Rico, to compete in the 2020 Puerto Rico Small Fry Invitational Tournament on January 17, 2020. Several Small Fry Basketball teams will compete in the tournament. This will be the first tournament of the season. Stay tuned for more information.

In a unique crosstown title matchup, Ponce Constancia won its fourth championship with a 42-39 decision over Ponce Lomas, as Sebastian Lezcano hit a trio of threes to lead the way with 15 points. Fernando Gonzalez topped Lomas with 14 points.

Marquette Best toppled Robert Taylor in an all-Windy City third-place matchup and Chi-Town NBN claimed the consolation championship. Longtime officer Moe Reed had his name attached to the Friendship Tournament (won by BNB Outlawz) and first-time participant Colombia, South America earned the Friendship Sportsmanship Award.

The VI Jaguars upset the solo Pirates from Chicago, 48-43, in their first international tournament game. The Pirates were last year's champions. The Jaguars lost to Ponce Lomas of Puerto Rico, who advanced to the championship. St. Thomas lost the game, 40-32, and lost to ABB from Puerto Rico, 63-59. In the seventh-place game, the Jaguars won the game with a 46-22 victory against Chicago Heights. Some of the younger players, such as Nekwante Sprauve and Khamani Olivacca, scored in the final game. Overall, team captain Jourdyn Rawlins scored 61 points and added 29 points, 20 steals, five blocked shots and 13 assists in the tournament.

Shakeem Sackey had 30 points and six steals while Jahsief Benjamin had 39 points, 22 rebounds, eight assists and seven steals. Zayd Brannigan had 26 points, 23 rebounds, eight assists, and eight assists, and De'Shamoi Greaves had 38 points and eight steals. The Tournament concludes today with the final games. Overall the VI Jaguars placed seventh at the tournament.  

The tournament featured teams from the US, Caribbean, and Columbia. Meanwhile, the Positive Guidance team from St. Croix did not advance to the international tournament but instead played in a consolation bracket.

2015 St. Croix Small Fry Basketball Tournament Results

2015 Small Fry Paradise Showdown March 13 - 15, 2015