Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises LLC.

We have successfully established a sustainable and reliable portfolio client base as a result of the extensive experience and networks developed by our management team and advisors.  We work directly with the business leaders of our clients to provide ideas and solutions to start up new initiatives, market entry strategies and businesses; to create and develop strategic alliances and ownership structures; to develop sales incentive initiatives; to streamline existing operations and corporate overhead; to create efficiencies; to develop exit strategies and recapitalization plans; to source growth capital; and, to develop and implement acquisition plans, asset disposition plans, governance initiatives and corporate reorganizations. In order to directly align our interest with the interest of common stockholders of portfolio clients and avoid conflicts of interest, we have built the mainstay of our business by investing alongside the true owners. Compensation for our services is based on retainer fees and/or performance fees determined by both sales and profit measures.

​​​Based in the USVI, Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises LLC (NBE) is a limited liability company formed in May 2000. NBE provides consulting services to various businesses throughout the United States.  The services provided are in the areas of corporate strategy, business and operations management, sales and marketing, purchasing and billing of accounts.  

​Other services performed include:

​​Banking and Capital Finance


Advisory Services

Strategic Analysis

Mergers and Acquisitions


Executive Recruitment

Governance Matters

Market and Competitive Assessments

Litigation Support