Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises would like to highlight V.I. Jaguars alumnus Jourdyn Rollins. He was a V.I. Jaguars basketball player from 2012 - 2015. Making him the current longest active player in Jaguars history. In 2013 his team played in the Small Fry Consolation Tournament Championship in Orlando, Florida. Here are some other accomplishments of Jourdyn Rollins:

  • Played for the Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School Burning Blazers Basketball Team during their undefeated 2015-2016 season.
  • He traveled to Puerto Rico March and June 2016 with the Blazers and top scored in the June 2016 Championship game against Mexico National Team with 35 pts.
  • Played for Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School Burning Blazers JV Flag Football team and was on the championship team for the 2015-2016 Season.
  • Travelled to Georgia in April 2016 to play with AAU LA4 Team from Tampa, FL.
  • Traveled to Tampa, Florida with My Island Ballers AAU Team.
  • Was on the Dream Chasers Milt Newton Tournament Summer 2016 Championship team in St. Thomas, VI.
  • Moved to Ohio in 2016.
  • Attended the Lima Science and Technology Magnet Middle School.
  • Played Middle School Tackle Football for Lima Spartans during the 2016-2017 Season and won the championship.
  • Member of the Track and Field for the Lima Spartans Middle School during the 2016-2017 season.
  • Completed a documentary on cancer at the South Science and Technology Magnet School 2017.
  • Played for the AAU Basketball team Northwestern Ohio in 2016.
  • Traveled to Belgium, France and the Netherlands Summer 2017. 
  • Freshman at Lima Senior High School in Lima, Ohio. 
  • Current 4.203 GPA.  
  • Plays for Lima Senior Varsity Basketball team. 
  • First freshman ever to start for the Lima Senior Spartans. 
  • In first Lima Senior Varsity Basketball Game made overtime winning shot. ​

 V.I. Jaguars Alumni Successful Nationwide

Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises would like to highlight V.I. Jaguars alumnus Tremoi Martin. He played on the 2013 V.I. jaguars Basketball Team which won the International Small Fry Consolation Championship. He currently attends the Charlotte Amalie High School where he is a Point-Guard for their basketball team. He currently studies Marine Biology. 

The 2014 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2016 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

The 2017 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

Front Row (left to right):  Elijah Peltier, A'Jai Thomas, Devante Callwood, Khamani Olivacee, Vern C’Kai Frett, and Jermaine Sealey.

Middle Row (left to right):  Tazhaun Donadelle,  Tiquori Boatswain, K'Hani Turnbull, Imran Charles Jr., Nekwante Sprauve , Tasheem Fleming, Nykebo Warner, and David Rogers Jr.

Back Row (left to right): Assistant Coach Kieth Gruel, Deniece Turnbull, Head Coach Wayne Harvey, and Head Coach Fred Kopko. 

Front Row (left to right):  Tazhaun Donadelle, Jah'fari Samuel, Mackai Smith, Nekwante Sprauve, Rekai Pinney, Devante, Callwood, Anthony Joseph, Khamani Olivacce.

Back Row (left to right): Coach Fred Kopko, De'Shamoi Greaves, Willis Pinney, Keith Gruel(EM), Roberto Tapia, Nykebo, Warner, Jahkeem Sackey, Coach Wayne Harvey.

Front Row (left to right):  Jourdyn Rawlins, Zayd Brannigan, De'Shamoi Greaves, Khamani Olivacee, JahFari Samuel, Nekwante Sprauve, Jaalen Roberts, and Jahsief Benjamin.      

Back Row (left to right): Coach Wayne Harvey, Jahsheem Dawson, Dwanye Maduro, Kimmo Emmanuel Jr., Netsa Williams, Shakeem Sackey, and Coach Fred Kopko.

Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises would like to highlight V.I. Jaguars Alumnus Collins Joseph. He currently attends New Faith Christian Academy in Riverdale, Georgia. On December 1, 2017, he scored 50 points in one game for his team, the New Faith Christain Academy Titans. This is an impressive feat for any basketball player. He was nominated to be a McDonald’s All-American. Another prestigious ​achievement. He is also a 2013 V.I. Jaguars Small Basketball Basketball Team Alumni. 

Facebook Page | 50-Point Game

​​Jourdyn Rawlins, Jahsief Benjamin, Jemoi Davis, Jahkwani Willaims, Me'Koi Malone, Ky'Ode Walters, Jaalen Roberts, Kayd Brannigan, Joseph Sibilly Jr., Elijah McCoy, Jeremiah James, Lesroy Nisbett Jr., and Kal'Ek George.

The 2012 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

V.I. Jaguars Small Fry Basketball Alumni

The 2015 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

Neltjeberg Bay Enterprises would like to highlight V.I. Jaguars alumnus Isaiah Harvey. Isaiah Harvey is currently a high school senior at St. Laurence High School in Chicago, Illinois. Isaiah Harvey made a big move when he was a sophomore, leaving his home in the United States Virgin Islands to live with a family friend in Chicago to attend St. Laurence High School. "When I first came here, it was hard," Harvey said. "The basketball is a lot different here. Everybody is a lot faster. I've adapted to it now, though."

Not only has Harvey caught up, he's setting the pace for a Vikings team that likes to run and gun. Isaiah was ineligible his sophomore year after moving, so he had to sit out the year, and it took him a bit to get his feet wet," St. Laurence coach Jim Sexton said. "Last year, though, he really started to feel it.

Isaiah Harvey's basketball career began as a member of the 2013 V.I. Jaguars Small Fry Basketball Team. Isaiah Harvey is now one of the top high school basketball prospects in Illinois. Here are some noteworthy articles about Isiah Harvey:     

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Frederich Kopko, (Head Coach), Thomas Kopko (Coach), Shaquan Charles, LeQuan George, Tremoi Martin, Jourdyn Rawlins, Isaiah Harvey, Charkim Joseph, Collins Joseph, Jr. Jahshem Letang, Mekhi Fleming, Jahjadey Hodge, Wilbel Beltre, Sharik Morgan, Andy Thompson, Wayne Harvey, (Assistant), Collins Joseph, Sr. (Assistant). ​

Isaiah Harvey, Dwayne Lynch, Tremoi Martin, Charkim Joseph, Rekoi Evans, Jourdyn Rawlins, LeQuan George, Ky'Ode Walters, Collins Joseph, Jr., Jahjadey Hodge, Shaquann John-Charles, Kemoi Gibbs, and Terrell Lake.

The 2013 VI Jaguars Basketball Team

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